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Advertising for our discussions site

Being one of the most popular and free discussion forums on the net gives us a huge membership which gives you an excellent opportunity to advertise your company or services.

We offer different packages that consist of different sizes of banner displayed in different locations. There is also a choice between rotating banners and static banners. Rotating banners are displayed in rotation with the other advertisers.

To the left you can find brief descriptions of the main packages available and you can click the packages link above to read more details about the packages.

Banners can be in JPG, GIF or Animated GIF but remember to keep the Byte size down as low as possible. If your banner byte size is to large it will take longer to display especially to people with slow modems.

We use banner tracking software so you can see the exposures your banners receive etc. When you first place a banner on our site you will receive a username and password you can use to log into your account to check your banners progress.


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